The Lavish Side of Dorset: Holiday Cottages with Swimming Pools

When picturing a holiday getaway, often the picture entails unending sunsets, a calming atmosphere, sandy beaches, and quite often, a luxurious touch to cap the experience. The concept of luxury differs for many – ranging from stunning views, bespoke service, expansive golf courses, to private swimming pools. If comfort, relaxation, and indulgence are what you’re looking to enjoy in your holiday, then Dorset, a quintessentially English county, is the place to be. Moreover, Dorst offers a unique treasure – an array of holiday cottages with private swimming pools.

Dorset is a mesmerising mix of craggy cliffs and cosy towns, ancient landmarks and awe-inspiring landscapes. It boasts of a preserved history evident in Jurassic Coast, a world heritage site boasting 185 million years of geological history. Its enchanting coastline houses charming port cities and seaside resorts. Its countryside is a picturesque blend of woodland, heathland and farmland, scattered with quaint villages and towns.

Amidst these beautiful surroundings, Dorset offers another ace – luxurious holiday cottages with swimming pools. Choosing a holiday cottage with a swimming pool adds that extra touch of luxury, providing an added source of entertainment and relaxation. For families, it ensures the kids are always entertained, while for couples a night-time dip can be the perfect romantic end to a day.

Many of the exquisite cottages in Dorset frame your poolside view with stunning landscapes. Whether you want a dorset holiday cottages with pool refreshing morning swim as the dawn breaks or a cooling dip in the pool to escape the afternoon sun, you can do so while relishing the serene views. For those who love the idea of a ‘staycation’ within their holiday, the presence of a private swimming pool, allows them to enjoy relaxation without having to venture far.

The Oceana in Bournemouth is one such elegant holiday cottage offering a fantastic coastal location that emphasises luxury. It provides both heated indoor and outdoor pools allowing guests to enjoy a leisurely swim irrespective of the season. With picturesque views over the town, it’s the perfect rural retreat!

Hidden away near the charming village of Symondsbury is The Old Rectory. An elegant holiday cottage which boasts of its own outdoor heated pool. Tucked amidst beautiful landscaped gardens, it ensures privacy and solace while swimming, lounging, or dining by the pool.

For people wanting to combine luxury with rural charm, Hooke Court in Beaminster is the perfect choice. With a spacious garden and heated outdoor swimming pool, it allows for a romantic midnight swim under the stars or a laid-back afternoon enjoying the sun.

For those who prefer the indulgence of an indoor swimming pool, Highgrove House in Bournemouth is the perfect choice. Besides the heated indoor pool, Highgrove House also features an open fire, a billiard room and sprawling gardens, making it an ideal retreat for family gatherings and corporate events.

The luxury of having a private swimming pool in your cottage makes a significant impact on the quality of your holiday. Not just the perfect ‘playground’ for children, a pool also gives adults the chance to relax, unwind and indulge in some ‘me’ time. Some cottages also provide additional luxury facilities such as hot tubs, saunas, or private chefs, further enhancing your holiday experience.

The lavish side of Dorset indeed shines through these stunning holiday cottages with swimming pools. Relaxation, breathtaking views and the beautiful blend of rural and coastal landscapes, ensure that a holiday spent here is not just a getaway, but an experience. So why wait? Dive into luxury and indulge your senses on your next holiday in Dorset.